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IN BED Journal. Charlotte Penman, Auckland NZ

In Everything

Charlotte Penman comes from a family of makers, artists and travellers, each as radiant and curious as the next. And it is with these qualities that Charlotte lends her creative spirit to jewellery making, inspired by the powers of gemstones, crystals and the earth’s minerals. Each purposefully chosen for its energy and healing properties. And it’s not only her jewellery that is full of intention. Mother to three beautiful children, Marcel (8yrs), Florence (5yrs) and Celeste (1yr), Charlotte approaches family life with these same holistic principles. She is a woman who acts from the heart, incredibly warm and generous. Her home is an extension of this. We spent an afternoon sampling their market produce and meeting the newest member of their family…

Words by Yasmine Ganley

Images by Ophelia Mikkelson

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