Modern Birthstone Chart

Gemstone traders of 18th century Poland introduced the concept of wearing your particular birthstone throughout the year, rather than a different stone for each month.

Officially adopted in 1912, the Modern Birthstone Chart was collated by the National Association of Jewellers to standardise the various interpretations of existing birthstone lists. The Modern Birthstone Chart has become the cornerstone for jewellery lovers the world over.

Traditional Birthstone Chart

The astrological concept of traditional birthstones dates back to biblical times where the breastplate of Aaron, described in the book of Exodus, was adorned with twelve gemstones that represented the twelve tribes of the Israelites. Traditional birthstones varied slightly between cultures depending on the type and abundance of stones in the area. However their shamanic powers remained constant. It was believed that the stones held talisman-like effects for their their relative month, therefore, a different stone would be worn for each month of the year.