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Inspired by nature, 20th century icons, antiquity jewels and dreamy Balearic beaches, Charlotte works with precious metals and a range of gemstones. She has studied design, fine art, film and jewellery making and brings all these elements together to create unique, thoughtful and feminine collections.

In 2019 Maya Pellizzaro-Hurrell joined forces, and the pair work from a bespoke studio in Devonport, collaborating to create timeless collections for the Auckland Art Gallery, the Museum and iconic boutiques since...

Gemstones are featured throughout many of her ranges. Found in exotic
locations from Madagascar to Alaska, from the Czech Republic to New
Mexico, each gemstone has its own story. Charlotte and Maya love to work with them, combining them with gold and silver to create new forms that enhance their natural beauty. Each Charlotte Penman piece is designed with love and to compliment the female form. Her jewellery can be worn as armor, amulet and keepsake.


Born out of a synchronous collision of travel, adventure and a deep love of the hand made. Sourcing her first gems while in the Northern Indian town of Pushkar, Charlotte was eager to keep working with her hands while travelling the world, her first pieces marked the start of a journey that spans over 20 years.

Returning to New Zealand, she embarked on study in Fine Arts, became a mother and developed her work in a garden studio amongst the trees, while raising her 3 children, animals and tending to her garden. 2022 marked new beginnings, with a move to a Devonport bespoke showroom and studio...

 "I am intrigued by the long history of adornment across all cultures of the world, women have engaged in decorative ceremony since the beginning of humanity. Jewellery is born from this tradition, it is very personal, often deeply sentimental, and goes beyond the surface of beauty."