Our Story

Classic, considered and feminine - Charlotte Penman fuses equal measures of decorative design with pared back simplicity. Artisan jewellery to be worn and treasured, amulet and armour, keepsake for the free spirited and brave of heart...

Our creations are storytellers, marking life's milestones and transforming fleeting moments into everlasting intimate memories.

Each piece, whether a bespoke ceremonial talisman, an expression of love or a bold statement, is forged with meticulous attention to detail, imbued with the spirit of exceptional artistry.

We wish to be part of people’s lives, supporting their journey to deepen in love with each other and self through sacred treasures.

charlottes Bio

Charlotte Penman, mother of 3 and a celebrated name in the jewellery industry, has enchanted collectors and fashion enthusiasts for two decades with her mystical and meticulously crafted designs.

What started as an artistic persuit while travelling through Asia and Europe, quickly grew into a passion and then a way of life. Charlotte's background in painting and sculpture transferred fluidly into jewellery making. Her interest in stripping back to the essence and finding the core extends through all her work, she creates pieces that enhance without overpowering, that fit comfortably and hold up the feminine wth both strength and softness.

With a deep respect for nature and love of art and history, she explores these themes alongside texture, colour and movement. Her passion is to create bespoke celebration and engagement jewellery with earth's precious gems and metals, as well as timeless and thoughtful seasonal jewellery collections.

"I am interested in the long history of adornment across all cultures of the world. It is something women have engaged in since the beginning of humanity. Jewellery is very personal and often sentimental, it goes beyond the surface of beauty and becomes an extension of our form, it brings art into our daily life."

Maya bio

An integral part of the magic, Maya joined Charlotte in 2018, working closely beside her in the original garden studio.

Maya's interest in jewellery making started around the age of 6, where she began collecting beads and started making jewellery with from the infamous Point Chevalier bead store, in Auckland. 

An only child, from a large extended family, with a unique heritage of Tongan Italian. Her mum is from Valdagno in Northern Italy and her dad grew up in Ma’ufanga Tonga. Maya's mum put in the hard yards to make sure she learnt Italian so she can stay connected to her Italian family. And now she has embarked on a mission to learn Tongan!​​​​​​.

A creative, yet practical soul, she was the first Takapuna Grammar student to have studied both calculus and sculpture simultaneously. She went on to study arts and uses her passion and inspiration for art history to co-designing CP collections…

An innovative Sagittarius, with a moon in Gemini. These create a practical and creative yet sensitive character.​​​​​​​​​

Maya has a love for animals too, and has a rescue dog called Zorro who is a Huntaway Rottweiler and a cat called Sammy who has a blue nose!